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About Me

Hello! My name is Amanda and I am the creative behind Helianthus and Lace. Helianthus and Lace is a wedding and event floral design business serving the deeply in love and aiming to glorify Jesus through it all. Helianthus is the Latin term for sunflower and comes from the root Helio and Greek Helios, meaning Sun. Sunflowers have a greater meaning to me than the fact that they are beautiful. As sunflowers are growing and beginning to bloom, they turn their heads towards the sun - I find this to be a great analogy for my faith in Jesus. As we are growing and blooming in any stage of life, we should be continually turning our heads to the Son.


Flowers have been a part of my life since 2014, and I have been flowering weddings since 2018. Whether nearlyweds prefer simple elegance or glamorous, eye-catching pieces, I go the extra mile to complete their vision. I work alongside my clients and curate collections to reflect their tastes, bringing their visions to life for the momentous occasion ahead. I am so excited you have found your way here to see my work and learn a little more about my business! I hope you will continue to look around and reach out with any questions you may have!



During my first year of business, I kind of took on any and all projects I could because I just wanted flowers in my hands. I didn’t know where my business would go, or if anyone would want to hire me. Since I found out people actually like my work and want to hire me, I have been able to get more specific with where I want this little business of mine to go. My dream from the beginning was to be a farmer florist – I wanted to grow everything I used for the weddings I took on. Being in the industry for a year, I can see how difficult that would be. Farming and designing everything would be like working 2+ full-time jobs all year because so much work goes into both parts. So much planning, curating, trial (and error), communicating, etc. on both sides. There is a way to get fresh, local blooms without growing them all myself though – through the wonderful local farmers who have spent many years going through the trial and error of selecting varieties, best growing practices and marketing their product. Moving forward, my dream and my goal is to serve couples who are passionate about the Earth and being kind to it; couples who trust my eye and design ability to choose the right blooms for their color palette and overall vision based on what is seasonally available. I want to be more sustainable, providing natural and organic designs that compliment the space they are in.


Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations to meet their own needs.  In terms of this little floral business, this could mean sustainable farming practices, a sustainable income, using renewable/reusable products and hardgoods, and choosing local blooms from local farms rather than ordering flowers that come from all over the world (think about the amount of fuel and emissions it takes to get flowers here from Holland, Columbia, etc.)


I am so excited to start working towards these goals, and I can’t wait to partner with couples who have the same vision. Let’s be kind to the Earth together.

tropical peach and lavender bouquet
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